'Will Elaine's books encourage budding readers? Seeing children walk to school with their heads in Planet Stan - I'd say, job done!' - Regency Bookshop, Kingston-upon-Thames

The STAN books can be read in any order!

Illustrated by Chris Judge

Designed by Holly Fulbrook

Published by OUP

Sometimes the only way to make any sense of my life is to put it all into charts and diagrams...

Stanley Fox might as well be a planet seeing as his younger brother Fred buzzes around him like an annoying satellite all day long. They say we're made of stardust, but Fred is 70% annoying and 30% fart. Brotherhood is supposed to be about developing fellowship and understanding not developing a snail collection under your bed. Why can't Fred come with diagrams like his 1001 Space Facts Book?

Warning: May contain snails... 

Luckily life on Planet Stan comes with pie charts, survival kits, top tips, bruv bingo and the most complicated Venn diagram ever drawn (probably).

As Stan tries to figure out what on earth he and his brother have in common, he charts all the ups and downs of his life in a series of hilarious infographics in this highly-illustrated and visually-appealing book.

Planet Stan is the out-of-this-world guide to sibling survival, and has been shortlisted for the Lollies Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2020.

Read Chapter One here! 

How on Earth did I end up 'volunteering' to help out on a school trip full of small-year-olds? 

Stanley and his little brother Fred are off to an outdoor adventure camp to learn all about life in the wild. . .  but it's not the wildlife Stan needs to survive, it's his brother. Especially as Fred thinks he’s Flint Danger, the world’s most extreme adventurer who drinks his own pee even when he doesn’t have to. 

At least Stan's got his book of special plans, charts and diagrams to keep everything in order. I mean, how hard can it be looking after Fred and his mates? [HINT: The most difficult thing to do – ever!] Plus there’s the annoying cool kids from the other school, and Mr Fisher who is determined to make the trip anything but fun. 

Stan's about to find out just what it takes to be cool, how to deal with an oblivious best friend (who really needs to get blivious), the best things about snails (yes, really), and how NOT to pack ice cream in your suitcase.

Illustrated by Chris Judge

Designed by Holly Fulbrook

Published by OUP

Full of infographics, charts, and diagrams - Action Stan is highly visual and full of laugh-out-loud moments!

Warning: May contain woodlice... 

Read Chapter One here! 

WE NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD STAN! All the massive oceans have turned into carrier bags and the whales are getting feddup with it.

Stan longs to see the total eclipse, but as usual ALL his plans are being eclipsed by Fred.

His little brother is on a mission to save the prawns, the whales, the ocean... the world! And he's roped in everyone he knows, including Stan - what could possibly go wrong...?

Stan's going to need all the charts he can draw to sort this mess out, using recycled paper and a cardboard pen, obviously!

Read this book to find out how to be an actual superhero without having to wear your pants outside your trousers.

Full of facts, infographics, charts, and diagrams - Super Stan has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and will hopefully inspire readers to ensure the world is made of world, not plastic. 

Illustrated by Chris Judge

Designed by Holly Fulbrook

Published by OUP

Warning: May contain prawns... 

Trash, Bang, Wallop! It's Stan to the rescue!

Stan's new adventure is OUT NOW!


(He did the pictures)

Chris Judge is an illustrator, artist and children's picture book author based in Dublin, Ireland. 

His debut picture book, The Lonely Beast, won the Irish Children’s Book Award in 2011.

You can find out more about him here.

His work is a mixture of illustration, painting and design, and has appeared in books, advertising, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions and interiors.

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