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Free Resources!

Here you'll find plenty of fun downloadables and classroom resources, including chart activity sheets and creative writing exercises for KS2.


Plus fill in a Pie Chart all about you, write up a book review using infographics, colour in the Solar System, and make your very own Cake-on-a-Stick! 

The Pie Chart

of Me

Solar System Colour-In

Planet Stan

Word Search

Pie Chart

Book Review

Creative Writing 


Pie Chart

Activity Sheet

Bar Chart

Activity Sheet

Venn Diagram

Activity Sheet

Chart Activities Answer Sheet

Make a


If you're planning to visit the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, print off the Treasure Hunt and find the exhibits that feature in PLANET STAN!


Treasure Hunt

Make a

Planet Stan Mini Book

Here are some fantastic reading notes for Super Stan

‘It’s about the little big things, & how they mean a lot.’


Includes how to take action on plastic, creating infographics, writing a haiku, a space quiz, word mash-ups,

& if rooms were feelings!

Dress up as Stan for World Book Day! 

First you’ll need a PE kit-bag or rucksack, to fit all your things inside.

Then you’ll need that essential sibling survival kit:

Noise cancelling headphones – to block out the billion-and-one questions that small-year-olds always ask when you're right in the middle of important Me-Time. You could use normal headphones, or attach a couple of home-made pom-poms to a headband if you're feeling creative!

Sunglasses and hat – Stan uses this as a disguise whenever his brother is embarrassing him, which is A LOT, so this is VERY important.

A watch – so you can keep an eye on when it’s time to hand any younger siblings back to the adults. You don't want to be sibling-sitting for any longer than you have to...

Small pack of wet wipes - necessary for wiping younger sibling's fingerprints off of TVs, dinosaur fossils, dogs, and cream cakes (and destroying any incriminating evidence that will only get YOU into trouble).

Cake-on-a-stick – the PERFECT way to lure younger siblings away from disaster (like fragile stuff in a fragile shop, or an ancient and valuable relic in a museum). Click here to download a template to print out and make a paper cake-on-a-stick.

Don’t forget to draw SEVEN FRECKLES on your right cheek shaped like The Plough! 

Planet Stan Elaine Wickson Chris Judge World Book Day
Planet Stan Elaine Wickson World Book Day

All you need is a Day-Out-With-A-Bruv Survival Kit and some specially-drawn freckles!

Planet Stan Elaine Wickson World Book Day
new arrow right.png
new plough.png

If you’ve got an old plain T-shirt you could draw a pie chart on the front.


What will your pie chart include? Maybe your favourite sweets, your least favourite foods, the world's cutest animals, or the best books you’ve ever read (perfect for World Book Day).

Planet Stan Elaine Wickson World Book Day

Look at this amazing outfit

by Connor Watterson!

World Book Day Planet Stan Elaine Wickson Chris Judge

Most importantly - don't forget to spend your book token on an awesome book!

Pie Chart Book Review
World Book Day
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